Bidding Service

bidders  is a leading foreclosure company based in Maricopa County. We have access to thousands of foreclosed properties in Maricopa Arizona, Los Angeles California and many other States Nationwide. We have created a BIDDING SERVICE to help our clients directly purchase properties at Trustee Sales at .  Clients have the option of a full property report with pictures prior to having to commit to a bid.    You then can value the property with all the information you need and place a bid directly with our bidders that are at the auction.

We review thousands of foreclosures a week and we have made a simple process for you to now be an investor in real estate. As a member and client you are also able to purchase properties that have a significant amount of equity on our inventory page.  We require a refundable $10,000 Deposit to be able to bid using this service, as each successful bid at auction requires a $10,000 non refundable bid deposit. We Charge a $2,000 fee on any purchase we make for you. If is difficult to create your own list, drive the property, do all title and tax research and then spend the day down at the auctions when we can do all of this with our professional team  for you!

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